Why You Need Legal Help

 Child abuse and neglect agencies exist to protect children from harm. Sometimes in an effort to protect children, the system infringes on the rights of parents to raise their own children. Without adequate representation, parents who must face the child welfare system and dependency courts can become overwhelmed and confused by the process. A good attorney will walk you through the process, help guide you in making the best decisions for you and your child, and zealously defend and advocate for your family. 


Why Choose Me?

 With me, you'll get someone who understands the ins and outs of child welfare agencies and their policies and methods.I  worked as a child welfare investigator and also as a social worker supervising visitations and providing on hands parenting classes to families separated by dependency proceedings. I can help you achieve realistic expectations about outcomes and set achievable goals for your family to endure their involvement with child welfare agencies and court systems. 


How I Can Help


Call me or come in for a consultation if:

  • You are being investigated for abuse, neglect, or abandonment​
  • You have been given a case plan by a child welfare agency
  • You have been summoned to dependency or juvenile court
  • You have had or will have your child removed from your custody
  • You are actively seeking reunification with your child after being found guilty of abuse or neglect
  • The agency is trying to terminate parental rights
  • ​Any other involvement with child welfare agencies